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Suspension Service

The suspension system helps you maintain proper handling and control of your vehicle. An issue with the suspension can cause a bumpy, uncomfortable ride. At Independence Car Service in Mountain View, CA, we are the Asian vehicle specialists in the area. Our ASE Certified Technicians can handle any suspension repair or service that your Asian vehicle may need. As soon as you notice a problem with steering or controlling your vehicle, bring your car in to our professionals.

An issue with your vehicle's shocks and struts can cause suspension issues. The shocks and struts are the components that absorb motion after your vehicle drives over debris or bumps. Shocks and struts can start to wear down and cause problems with the suspension system. For safer handling, control, and braking, we recommend replacing your shocks and struts every 50k miles.









If you are experiencing any of the following problems, it may be time for new shocks:

    Body Roll - vehicle stability, poor handling
    Swerving - loss of control and handling
    Harsh Ride - noisy, uncomfortable ride
    Braking Nose Dive - longer stopping distance
    Bottoming Out - component wear, uncomfortable ride
    Acceleration Squat - loss of traction, control & handling
    Traction Loss - longer stopping distance, poor steering control
    Uneven Tire Wear - shorter tire life, more road noise

If you're experiencing any of the problems listed above, bring your car into our shop for service. Our Mountain View auto repair shop has the latest tools and technology to properly handle your Asian vehicle. Once we determine the exact cause of the problem, we will discuss our recommendations with you and why we believe they are necessary to your safety on the road.

For honest and professional suspension services or repairs for your Asian vehicle, stop by the experts here at Independence Car Service. Give us a call or request an appointment today!

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