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Joel T.  |  Palo Alto, CA

I've had work done here before and been happy with it, so I went back with a problem with the heater in my Odyssey.  I had replaced the heater valve myself, but that wasn't the problem, so I was stumped.  After a day of puzzling over the problem, Vlad told me that it was working, but it might work better if I replaced the thermostat.  Wait, I asked, don't you want to do that?  No, he said, if you can replace the heater valve, you can replace the thermostat.  And that was that: Vlad diagnosed my car, recognized my DIY needs, and refused payment.  Working with Vlad feels like a partnership, he never tries to sell you more than you need.  I'll definitely be back.

Jee Mee H.  |  San Francisco, CA

I bought a used car 2 months ago. First car I've had in California. So I reached out to a bunch of mechanics on Yelp based on reviews and information provided. I chose Independence because they were honest and straight forward with me on the price. They didn't just provide me with a flat price. They gave me a flat price and broke down the details on how much for the part and the cost of labor. To me, it seemed like they were being more honest and not going to screw me over. 
They were able to get my car part the next morning after they placed the order. And it was fixed within a few hours. They swapped out my cracked headlight. But they also shined my other headlight so they both looked new at no extra cost. They also caught my high beam was burnt out and replaced it.
They were honest, friendly, and efficient. I would recommend them to anyone and will be going back next time I need work done.

Enya H.  |  Milpitas, CA

I had check light on and TRAC off light on at the same time. Did my homework and decided to go this place. From what I found from the website, I will probably end up paying something like 700-1000+. Soon they found that actually the problem was caused by a rat who sneaky bite the wire under my car. End up paying only $240. I was pretty happy and come back for the maintenance service.  Independence Car Service did not disappoint me again. Come back for the auto body work for minor repair. Another auto body shop near by quoted me $3300. End up I was paying $278 for both labor and materials. The car look anew! I am very happy. Because I don't have to go through the insurance and don't have to take $1000 as deductible.
My husband is laying in the hospital bed and my kid is little. There is nothing more important to help me as a woman who never handles all auto related issues along and charges me at very reasonable price. I am really thankful. And I will definitely come back at another time and also refer a lot of friends to this place!

Igal F.  |  Santa Clara, CA

I use guys service for last 3 years. They provide high level service at reasonable price and availability. Have referred free friends, and all are happy.

Paivi K.  |  Mountain View, CA

I have been taking my Honda Odyssey here for about a year now. I choose this store over the dealer shops for better service and reasonable prices. I have always received excellent customer service here.

Stanley C.  |  Cupertino, CA

I have my Accord serviced by Independence for the last 10 years. For oil change and minor services, it's always done within an hour and a half. The car has been running smoothly and I trust this place.

Senthilraj S.  |  Sunnyvale, CA

I've been here couple of times for my Toyota Camry 08 and always left with satisfaction. Once I asked about replacing the Spark Plugs(as it was suggested by other service provider) and they told that it was not required as the mileage was less and plugs are good. No upsells.

Amy S.  |  San Francisco, CA

They were fantastic. The work was great, the time was reasonable, and the price was better than anywhere else! Definitely recommend, will use again.

Ann A.  |  San Francisco, CA

It is so rare these days to find true professionals. People who love their work and excel at what they do. Vladimir, Mike, and their team are hardworking, honest, trustworthy, and genuinely nice and helpful people. I moved out of the area almost 10 years ago, and I still haven't found another shop that I trust my car with the way I trust Vladimir and his team. I still bring it to their shop, because I know they will take great care of it, and being able to trust them gives me a great piece of mind. On a couple occasions I've called Vladimir about some car issues (my car is 20+ years old now!), and he was always helpful. Once he told me to take it some place local, because the issue was a safety concern, and I was too far away to drive to Mountain View. So thankful for this shop. I only wish they weren't so far away. And I wish professionals like them weren't so few and far between!

Ryan O.  |  San Mateo, CA

First time customer, heard of this place by word of mouth. Called in, and they were able to take me the same day. Vladmir walked me through the inspection and then gave me some directions to nearby place to hangout while he worked on my Honda. The service was quick with no issues. I think mike, another mechanic had found a problem with my TPMS light due to something I installed myself in my car and explained what was wrong. Overall great service, and very friendly people.

R S.  |  Mountain View, CA

Excellent. On time, Fair quote, and provides recommendations beyond what the job was for Free. Would take my car there. Speciality is Honda, Toyota - so if that is your vehicle - that is their specialty - with well stocked part department. Think a little more than average service station - but less than dealer.

Jini L.  |  San Francisco, CA

Best experience with a body shop EVER - I am not exaggerating! Long story short, my car wouldn't start and I had just replaced the battery, so I figured it was my starter. Luckily, I was able to leave my car at my work lot overnight, since it was already 6pm when I found out (and all of the close-by body shops in DtMV were closed). I sent out a few messages that night via Yelp to get quotes and this place responded within an hour! The next day, I brought my car over to their shop around 9:30am and it was fixed by 3pm. This includes the time it took them to order the part AND fix it. They gave me such a fair price- I had to ask three times if labor was included. Other shops quoted me charged me $200 more than what this place quoted me. Thank you so much for the quick and no-fuss help, Independence Car Service!! Would definitely recommend!!

Stephen F.  |  Los Altos, CA

Best service and a very honest shop. Want to replace brake pads for both axles due to close to 45,000 miles since the last pad replacement. They test drove the car and inspected both axle brake pads and recommended only one axle pad replacement at a very reasonable price.  I will use them again for the next car service.

J C.  |  Los Altos, CA

I'm joining the choir to say that Vlad is the BEST! I started coming here years ago, after the dealer I had been going to said I needed thousands of dollars in repairs. I brought my car to Vlad to get another opinion and estimate, and found out I only needed to replace a hose that would cost a couple hundred dollars. 
Since then, I've had many other similar experiences with him over more than a decade. He is honest, straightforward, only fixes what needs to be fixed, and will always tell you what needs to happen soon or what you can wait to do later. I haven't ever had a single problem with any work that has been done by his shop, both on a car that was 19 years old and on another car that is 9 years old.
Plus, Vlad and his son, Mike, are genuinely kind people. I love being able to support a family business owned by friendly people who do quality work. Thanks, Vlad and Mike!

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