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Nissan experienced an overall better year in terms of sale than the past couple of years, reaching global unit sales of a record-high 5.77 million units, representing a 2.6% increase year on year. Sentra and Altima were among the top-selling vehicle models for the brand at a global level. Nissan is a global full-line vehicle manufacturer that sells more than 60 models under the Nissan and INFINITI  brands


Nissan, like it’s fellow Japanese Automotive Brands, boasts premium quality and safety in each of it’s cars, SUVs, and trucks. From the widely-known Altima sedans, to their all-electric LEAFs, their Murano SUVs, and the rest of the Nissan models; at Independence Car Service our ASE certified technicians guarantee honest, efficient, and reliable service to all customers.


We know that choosing a dependable Auto Repair Shop in the Santa Clara County can sometimes be a taxing process, having to sift through all those who promise the best quality service to find all those who can deliver on said promise. With outstanding customer service specialists, top-grade equipment, and experienced technicians who are dedicated to their crafts, we can confidently say that we guarantee a pleasurable experience for you and your Nissan. We will always thoroughly explain what service needs to be done and why, because we prioritize your knowledge on your car, and your comfort in the work we do.


Take your car to someone who cares, and call to schedule an appointment with Independence Car Service today!

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